Drill down with BI reports

Find out more about your customers and agents with powerful BI reports.

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Get into details with detailed reports

Find out what has happening during a call in queue and CDR reports with SAM Reports detailed reports...

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Queue call flow

Look at any queue call in a flow chart, to see what was happening during a call.

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Learn more

Learn more about how to make the best of your Asterisk log files with SAM Reports...

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We make Asterisk reporting fun!

Token d.o.o. is a company of two, focused on turning your call data records and queues into business opportunity. We think that our work is never finished.

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Customer Feedback

SAM Reports allows me to make reports for all of my customers that require reporting, in one place.

Before I had to install one reporting solution for each customer that needed it. Now I handle everything from my PC, and send reports daily, weekly or monthly, depending on their preferences.

Some customers need more privacy, and I advise them to buy SAM Reports.

Alfred Jimenez

I’m running a small call center with 15 dislocated agents. I wanted to know more about my call center without the hassle of re-installing a new system.

Sam Reports answered these questions about my business and I appreciate it…it’s an eye-opener.

Stephan Cannard

SAM Reports is a very thorough, well thought out program. It provides you with very informative metrics for your Asterisk system, which are especially useful for Call/Support Centers.

I look forward to recommending this program to my clients who need precise information to find areas in need of improvement and provide their customers with better service. Bravo SAM Reports!

Kevin Bednar - KMBNet Systems

Love your Asterisk reports solution. Compared to other products on the
market SamReports does not require software to be installed onto the PBX
eliminating any concerns we had about destabilizing our PBX. The reports
are very intuitive and we found that we are able to quickly format
reports to give us the information we need. A solution like this is long

Vince Rocca - digitalhands.com
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