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Token d.o.o. is a  two-person family company located in Croatia. We have been running Asterisk integration shop since 2007 and writing custom software to ease and enhance working with Asterisk.

SAM Reports is aimed at small businesses using Asterisk.  I built it to solve the pain that I had : provide my clients, small businesses, with a reporting solution without the need to make any changes to their Asterisk boxes. And also to give them reporting that’s easy for them to use. I wanted to be able to offer it to both my call-center clients and those without, therefore the application handles both CDRs and queues. SAM Reports enables the end users of Asterisk solutions to have rich and powerful reports without the hassle of installing additional software. You can read more on our blog,  specially this post.
We LOVE what we do!!

Mihaela is a M.Sc in Information and Speech Science, Delphi developer from the beginning. Last few years Asterisk integrator and Asterisk application developer. She is also our “in house” web designer and passionate about making things work. Blogging @

Ljubo is a M.Sc in Electrical Engineering, 12 years of experience in telecommunications (T-mobile), mostly performance management and service optimization. Last few years Asterisk integrator and ICT consultant. His passion is making things flow naturally. Not blogging at the moment, just working.


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Token d.o.o.
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