What I’ve done so far

In preparation for the beta I’ve done several things:

  • Set up “The SAM Reports Beta Testing” Google group.
  • Collected the email addresses form the beta sign-ups.
  • Made an extensible online help for testers and future users as well.
  • Added¬† mailing list (mailChimp) to our “About” page for anyone who cares to join. (Beta testers will NOT be added there automatically, only people who subscribe to the list will be added.)
  • Started blogging about the experience, and will continue once the beta starts.

My (company) policy

  • I will not send unsolicited and non-related emails to those who signed-up for beta.
  • I will send them just one email with the download link and an invitation to the previously mentioned Google group.
  • I will not disclose any identifiable information concerning the beta testers to anyone.
  • I will be giving free licenses to all who provide helpful feedback.

What is yet to be done

  • I will make some survey available for the testers later in the process. I’m still not sure on which tool to use. Maybe some hosted solution, maybe Google docs…
  • I’m just finishing the installation script with the fabulous InnoSetup. Once that’s completed I will host the installer on FileKicker.¬† I’m using a download service, even though I have an Amazon S3 (for hosting video files), because I want to keep things separate.

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One Response to “Getting ready for beta”

  1. Douglas April 6, 2010 at 2:50 pm #

    Can you send me beta package ?

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