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SAM Reports 2 for Asterisk

SAM Reports 2 for Asterisk

Just a few introductory words

SAM Reports 2 is a tool for generating reports for Asterisk PBX. It uses Asterisk log files (Master.csv and queue_log) to generate meaningful data and display results to the user.

SAM Reports 2 does not require any changes on the Asterisk PBX. It acts more like a forensic tool. It shows you all the data and resources that it has discovered while processing the log files. It adjusts to your PBX, rather than asking you to change your PBX settings in order to use the application.

It works on all Asterisk SKUs:

Log files are collected via SFTP or imported from a local directory. Transfer of log files (single file or split log files) is resumed from the last time.

SAM Reports 2 enables reporting on multiple Asterisk machines with the introduction of projects. Each project represents a different PBX, with it’s own settings, log files structure etc..

There are 3 major areas of information that SAM Reports 2 provides, for each project.

  1. Pivot Reports (dynamic reports that display aggregate data in a BI fashion)
  2. Detailed Reports (detailed CDR and Queue Reports)
  3. Resources (Channels, Trunks, Agents, Queues, CallerIDs..)


SAM Reports 2 generates reports from Asterisk log files (Master.csv and queue_log). Log files may be rotated, like it is the case with many Asterisk GUI SKUs, or they may be a single file. You can adjust your particular PBX settings via Settings.

Pivot Reports

SAM Reports 2 gives you the ability to display your Asterisk log files in a Business Intelligence manner. Pivot reports are dynamic, meaning that you can change the report data by just dragging and dropping fileds in a desired location. You can read more about it by visiting “Pivot Reports” help page.

SAM Reports2 Pivot Grid for Asterisk

SAM Reports2 Pivot Grid

Detailed Reports

Detailed reports let you see your log files in a tabular way (table display). That way you seeĀ details of any CDR or Queue call. When inspecting on queues you may even see the call flow of any call.

SAM Reports 2 Detailed Reports for Asterisk

SAM Reports 2 Detailed Reports for Asterisk


Resources are all channels and trunks, agents and queues, and all CallerID generated data (contacts and unknown phone numbers). You see the resources explained in details on the “Asterisk Resources” help section.

SAM Reports 2 Asterisk Resources

SAM Reports 2 Asterisk Resources


Project represents a single Asterisk PBX. There may be multiple projects within the application (from 3 upwards, depending on SAM Reports2 edition).

When setting up SAM Reports 2 to work with some Asterisk machine, you first create a new project, and then define settings for that particular machine.

SAM Reports 2 Projects
You can easily switch between projects.
You can learn more about projects on the “Projects” help section. And about project settings on the “Settings” help section.

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