Welcome to the SAM Reports Online Help

This help file is for the old version of SAM Reports. New version brings more reports and a lot of new features.

There are new help files  for the new version -> SAM Reports2 :

SAM Reports 2 Help

Thank you for using SAM Reports. We hope that you will be able to find the answer to any question, regarding the application, in here.

Let’s get started.

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Application organization

SAM Reports has three main parts: reports, resources and setting.


Reports are the main part of the application. There is a separate window for  CDR Reports and Queue Reports respectively.

Both are organized pretty much the same, so printing and reporting is done the same way.

Just click on the links above to learn more.


Resources are comprised of all the elements/personnel that is being analyzed by the application.

Those are:


  • Basic options needed for running the reports tell you that you only need to enter three types of information (how to access the Asterisk PBX, dialplan prefix and country code and local code).
  • Data Management : the data generated by SAM Reports is stored in an embedded database. Management tasks lets you backup the data. Repair it, if needed. Or even empty the local database and start over.
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