SAM Reports 2 is released!

The new version, SAM Reports 2 is out!

There are many  changes between SAM Reports and SAM reports 2, as well as new features introduced.

The changes

  • SAM Reports 2 supports big datasets, as well as sliced (rotated) log files, as was introduced in this blog post.
  • The same goes to the viewer that displays the reports.
  • Transfer of log files from the PBX/local PC now resumes, rather than copies all log files.
  • Parser is now separated from the viewer (SAMReports.exe). That is to facilitate adding different Asterisk SKUs, that may be changing the log files in some way.
  • Parser also shows a much more informative progress while processing.
  • There is a different organization of Pivot Reports window:
    • SAM Reports 1 loaded all available reports for CDR and queues respectively, in the same window.
    • Now there is a command for each of the available reports containing different elements.

New features

  • Pivot Reports
  • Detailed Reports
    • As requested by some of our customers, the detailed reports were introduced.
    • They display non-aggregated CDR and Queue calls.
    • Queue call drill-down reports were introduced:
  • Advanced parsing
    • Sometimes an Asterisk log file( CDR mostly) contains a lot of redundant and unneeded lines. If those entered the reports they would only generate noise and clog the report.
    • We introduced a way to recognize and ignore such lines when generating report. There are also rules to assign agents an extension, if it is contained in their name.
  • Log Files Viewer
    • Application that let’s you see the raw log files, as created by the Asterisk PBX.
  • Parsing results
    • There is a new window that shows the last parsed results.
  • Multiple Projects
    • SAM reports is not bound to a single Asterisk PBX anymore. It can generate reports for X number of Asterisk installations (X is determined by your SAM Reports 2 SKU : Enterprise-unlimited, Professional-10 and Standard-3) (Customer request)
    • You don’t need to make a new project only in case you have more than one Asterisk box. You might want to make a new project for each year, month…

I will be sending the update emails to my current customers next week. This upgrade is free for all registered users, and they will all be receiving a Professional SKU, an upgrade. I have decided to give free upgrades, because we consolidated all the efforts into this new version, and did not pay much attention to the version 1 of SAM Reports. That way we can thank them for being patient.


Why SAM Reports?

I’ve been involved with Asterisk since 2006. In 2007 my husband and I started an Asterisk integration shop in Croatia. We cater to small businesses, because we are small.

Some of our clients that have small call centers needed a reporting solution. Also some of our other clients expressed a need to see more information about their call traffic. After some consideration I decided to build it using Delphi. I wanted something easy to install, with no maintenance and no pre-install software requirements. It was not meant to be “All-In-One” solution that does configuration, monitoring, click-to-dial, provisioning, etc. Neither was it meant to be a real-time reporting.

It was envisioned to do just one thing, show the call records, for both queues and CDRs, without presuming anything about the underlying system. The main goal of the application is to  leverage what is already there in your Asterisk box, thus it operates on log files and not the database that you might have installed, or not.

The goal is also to show the information, as opposed to data, in an orderly and easily understood format. To be able to see multiple information displayed at once without any noise (information overload). Ease of use was also high on my list, therefore I opted for a “drag and drop” approach.

The application is currently used by the two of my clients. (Beta is about to start in 9 days) It was important to make it as simple as possible for them to update their reports when needed. Therefore I included a small SFTP client. Introducing the end users with  WinSCP would complicate things too much for them. It’s much easier to click on the “Transfer files” icon from within the application.

SAM Reports is aimed at small businesses using Asterisk.  I built it to solve the pain that I had : provide my clients, small businesses, with a reporting solution without the need to make any changes to their Asterisk boxes. And also to give them reporting that’s easy for them to use. I wanted to be able to offer it to both my call-center clients and those without, therefore the application handles both CDRs and queues.

This is a short overview of why we did SAM Reports and how. I’ll be posting here on the development process (changes, what features are planned, what’s coming). I’ll also desrcibe use-cases, real and virtual (aka, what’s possible, what might be a good use of).


Top 5 Queues By Exit (Queue Reports)

Here we see how the calls ended for any of top five queues. By displaying both answered and unanswered calls on the same axis, we can see their ratio. When we look closer we see how each of the queues behaved in answered and unanswered categories. That can be a useful way of looking at several related information at once. This queue report is on queue level only. More details about agents is visible from the agent view.


Top 5 Contacts by Day (Queue Reports)

Here we have top 5 contacts that called our call center and talked to our operators the longest. Total call duration by contact is distributed by weekdays and we can see on the chart that their call patterns differ. That information might be useful to offer our clients services tailored to their specific needs.


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