SAM Reports 2 is released!

The new version, SAM Reports 2 is out!

There are many  changes between SAM Reports and SAM reports 2, as well as new features introduced.

The changes

  • SAM Reports 2 supports big datasets, as well as sliced (rotated) log files, as was introduced in this blog post.
  • The same goes to the viewer that displays the reports.
  • Transfer of log files from the PBX/local PC now resumes, rather than copies all log files.
  • Parser is now separated from the viewer (SAMReports.exe). That is to facilitate adding different Asterisk SKUs, that may be changing the log files in some way.
  • Parser also shows a much more informative progress while processing.
  • There is a different organization of Pivot Reports window:
    • SAM Reports 1 loaded all available reports for CDR and queues¬†respectively, in the same window.
    • Now there is a command for each of the available reports containing different elements.

New features

  • Pivot Reports
  • Detailed Reports
    • As requested by some of our customers, the detailed reports were introduced.
    • They display non-aggregated CDR and Queue calls.
    • Queue call drill-down reports were introduced:
  • Advanced parsing
    • Sometimes an Asterisk log file( CDR mostly) contains a lot of redundant and unneeded lines. If those entered the reports they would only generate noise and clog the report.
    • We introduced a way to recognize and ignore such lines when generating report. There are also rules to assign agents an extension, if it is contained in their name.
  • Log Files Viewer
    • Application that let’s you see the raw log files, as created by the Asterisk PBX.
  • Parsing results
    • There is a new window that shows the last parsed results.
  • Multiple Projects
    • SAM reports is not bound to a single Asterisk PBX anymore. It can generate reports for X number of Asterisk installations (X is determined by your SAM Reports 2 SKU : Enterprise-unlimited, Professional-10 and Standard-3) (Customer request)
    • You don’t need to make a new project only in case you have more than one Asterisk box. You might want to make a new project for each year, month…

I will be sending the update emails to my current customers next week. This upgrade is free for all registered users, and they will all be receiving a Professional SKU, an upgrade. I have decided to give free upgrades, because we consolidated all the efforts into this new version, and did not pay much attention to the version 1 of SAM Reports. That way we can thank them for being patient.


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