Calls By Hour / Day (Queue Reports)

Here you can see overall call center performance by weekday and then by the hour. This provides you immediately to  see which weekday / hour combination has the least/most calls. It also shows hourly patterns per days of the week.  The column diagram makes it easy to see the distinct hours in a day and grouping by  days on the x axis depicts distinct weekdays.

Top 5 Queues By Exit (Queue Reports)

Here we see how the calls ended for any of top five queues. By displaying both answered and unanswered calls on the same axis, we can see their ratio. When we look closer we see how each of the queues behaved in answered and unanswered categories. That can be a useful way of looking at several related information at once. This queue report is on queue level only. More details about agents is visible from the agent view.

Top 5 Agents By Quarter (Queue Reports)

This view displays top 5 agents by quarter with the rest of agents accrued into a single value. That lets you see the relations between top performers and the rest. Each pie diagram shows two types of information  : relations between top performers and the ratio between top performers and the rest. To learn more about queue reports click here.

Calls By Hour / Quarter (CDR Reports)

On this view wee see the overall call traffic displayed by hours and quarters. All four quarters follow pretty much the same hourly curve, but some are more  loaded than others. The area chart smoothly depicts the rising  of traffic by quarters as well as the hourly bell like curve. Since this is a CDR report view we can see how the entire traffic of our PBX behaved in terms of quarters and hours too.

Top 7 Channels By Direction (CDR Reports)

This view shows  top 7 channels (extensions) by  total call duration. Here is the inverted view where the channels make the columns instead of rows accentuating the  direction of calls in the row area. So the first thing we see, when looking at the chart is the ratio of incoming to outgoing calls. And on the second look we can dive into each one of those to see how the channels are doing in each category. To learn more about CDR Reports click here.

Top 5 trunks a day (CDR Report)

You might want to know about your trunk‘s load. This view shows you top 5 trunks by the number of calls.  Both incoming and outgoing calls. They are sorted descending from the one with the most load. The number of calls is presented by weekdays, each in its own column , both in  grid and  chart respectively.  The top 5 selection is made with the “TopN” filter . To learn more about CDR Reports click here.

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