SAM Reports 2 Releases (17.05.2012.)

  • Added export to XLSX Excel file format for detailed reports and resources
  • Added export to XLSX Excel file format for Log Viewer (Enterprise)
  • Added export to raw tab-delimited file format, for detailed and pivot reports
  • Added new skins
  • Added “Account Code” field to detailed reports
  • Added the ability to specify longer port numbers for transfer (up to 8 digits long)
  • Added 2 additional Pivot grid views (far-default, near and compact)
  • Fixed bug when saving agent rules to a file (Parser)
  • Fixed bug in Settings with automatic detection of country code (not available on all Windows editions)
  • Fixed bug when backup directory is deleted and trying to make a project backup (Settings)
  • Fixed command “Restore Processed Files” to be available only when processed files exist (Settings) (24.12.2011.)

  • Changed update process
  • Fixed bug when displaying parsing progress chart
  • Added HTTP transfer for Fonality users
  • Fixed bug when loading resources – phone numbers (9.12.2011.)

  • Fixed bug with resources in Parser and SAMReports
  • Fixed bug with LastPage action on Detailed Reports
  • Fixed bug with mixed-up data displayed in Detailed Reports (3.12.2011.)

  • Fixed bug with long transfer (2.12.2011.)

  • Fixed bug with small data in reports

One Response to “Version Information”

  1. Alfredo Rodriguez March 14, 2013 at 10:32 am #

    We a Spanish integrator of IPPBX products based on asterisk; we have developed our own asterisk PBX, called Vivait-Call

    We are interested in testing SAMreports, but the demo version is not enoguh for us (30 run times are very few for us), so…we would need somekind of product for testing without that limitation…

    Another question…is it possible to find somekind of agreement so that we can modify the application to meet specific customer requirements not covered by the current version?

    Thanks in advance

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